Understanding Japanese restaurant rules

There are many restaurants (kaiseki, kappo, sushi, o-nabe etc.) that have seating where other customers are seating next to each other or in close proximity. It is for this reason that we would like customers to be aware of some things concerning Japanese etiquette.

Please avoid talking on your phone in the restaurant.
Calls may be made or taken outside the restaurant.

It is considered Japanese etiquette to not talk on your phone in the restaurant, as talking in a loud voice on the phone bothers other customers. Calls may be made or taken outside the restaurant.

Please do not wear too much perfume/cologne

Wearing too much perfume/cologne will affect the aroma of the food and also affect the taste.

Being on time

Please keep in mind that are other customers that have made reservations after yours. Therefore, we are unable to push your reservation time back, and if you are late, the time you have to eat your meal will be shorter. For those customers that are late, please make sure the restaurant is contacted. In the worst-case scenario, the reservation of the customer may be cancelled, if they are 30 minutes or more late.

We believe that customers that really want to eat at the restaurant will be willing to pay for their course beforehand and have courtesy to obey the rules. The restaurant will do all it can to make sure that they have a great experience. For large groups that have difficulty paying beforehand with a credit card, please contact us using the inquiry form. We can suggest the easiest and most suitable way for the invoice to be paid (the invoice separated and billed separately etc.). Thank you for your understanding. Nothing would make us happier for you to enjoy the very best hospitality and cuisine. ,
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