Enjoy Tokyo-style eel, steamed and grilled to perfection at Edogawa.
Specializing in eel, Edogawa uses domestically raised eel and their own exquisite specialty sauce.

Enjoy Tokyo-Style eel at Edogawa which specializes in steaming and grilling eel to perfection. The tasty sauce used at Edogawa continues to be a well-guarded secret, with high-quality eel domestically sourced from Kagoshima in Kyushu. 

Edogawa is very particular about cooking eel, with the time that the eel is steamed varying daily-unique to a restaurant specializing in eel.

For those that would like to simply enjoy the taste of eel, then the “unaju” is recommended. Unaju is a Japanese dish with grilled eel served in a tiered food box with Kabayaki sauce made from soy sauce, mirin (rice wine) and sugar. The “Unagi Gushi Zen” set is also very popular, where you can enjoy different parts of eel on skewers.



Restaurant Details

Business hours 11:00 a.m. ~11:00 p.m.
Last order: 【Food】10:00 p.m. 【Drinks】10:30 p.m.
Closed Closed days correspond with Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Honten.
Telephone 06-6654-6138
Price 【Lunch】 Starting at 1,800 yen~
【Dinner】 Starting at 1,890 yen~
Seating 48 seats
Smoking Prohibited
Children Seats for children available
Language English menu available
Payment method AMEX, VISA, JCB, MASTER, Union Pay, Cash
Others ・Available for parties or banquets.
・Menu with alcohol available.
・Seating also available guests with wheelchairs.


Edogawa Set Course

8,000 yen (Tax Included)

・Sashimi Assortment
・Assortment of 3 Types of Skewered Grilled Eel
・Glazed Grilled Eel
・Eel Yanagawa-nabe (Pot dish of eel and egg simmered in soy sauce)
・Grilled Eel and Cucumber Salad with Vinegar Dressing
・Eel Liver Soup

Skewered Grilled Eel Course

3,500 yen (Tax Included)

・Assortment of 5 Types of Skewered Grilled Eel
・Grilled Eel in a Rolled Omelet
・Eel Bone Crackers
・Small Serving of Glazed Grilled Eel with Rice
・Eel Liver Soup

Deluxe Glazed Grilled Eel Lacquer Box Set

5,000 yen (Tax Included)

・Deluxe Glazed Grilled Eel with Rice in a Lacquer Box
・Eel Liver Soup

Ohitsumabushi Set

3,300 yen (Tax Included)

・Ohitsumabushi (Glazed grilled eel chopped and served on a bowl of rice)
・Eel Liver Soup
・Chopped Green Onion and Grated Wasabi
・Dashi Broth

Front of Restaurant